Starting a business in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, also known as “Philly”, is the 5th most popular city in the United States. It is located in Pennsylvania, adjacent to Delaware and New Jersey in the Mid-Atlantic region. Starting a business in Philadelphia is a genius idea, but your plan will only work out if you know the right tricks and intellectual intelligence. It is important to carry out extensive business research before creating a budget for your business or approaching any financial institutions located in Philadelphia for assistance. This is because the market is very competitive and without a well mapped out realistic idea that is quantifiable, you are bound to fail.

There are many financial institutions located in Philadelphia that grant finances and loan business owners and ideologists. They range from banks to micro-finances and public institutions. Before making the decision to approach any, you should visualize your business proposal (for new entrants) or assess your position and visualize the future (for existing business).

Here is brief guide to business that will help you start up or develop your business in Philadelphia. It comprises what you need to know about business and how to get financial assistance.

Starting and running a business in Philadelphia

With a City Center population of 57,000 Philadelphia has the third most populated CBD (central business district) in America (behind New York and Chicago). For starting businesses, it is important to carry out adequate research to determine the following;

Market available This represents the consumers you will be targeting with your products and services. Philadelphia had a diverse population (of 6.2 million) consisting of several races and people from different origins across Europe Asia and Africa. The culture is fused with evidence of Irish pubs, Chinatown districts, Italian markets as well as the Reading Terminal that attracts diverse cultures and merchants. This makes it conducive for leisure and travel activities in cultural fusion. The income of the inhabitants is just as diverse as the population. Before engaging in business, evaluate the price you are establishing for your offer. Compare it with the living standards and income levels as well as sophistication. If the price is too cheap, …..

Popular Philadelphia Trees

Philadelphia is an economic, cultural and historical city that boasts of both exotic and indigenous trees. The diverse nature of trees in this city is not surprising because the city lies at the center of the Delaware Valley. It is also worth noting that the people of Philadelphia love growing trees and this is why trees dot the suburbs, streets and neighborhoods of Philly. However, people in the City of Brotherly Love do not grow the same type of trees. Instead, they grow a number of different trees with some trees being more popular than others are. Here is a comprehensive list of popular Philadelphia trees.

– The Leyland Cypress

Many people recognize this tree in Philly and across America because it is a Christmas tree. In addition, people plant it in rows to form hedges that improve the landscape and security of local neighborhoods. The Leyland Cypress Tree is an evergreen three that has little aroma. It grows into a conical shape that is symmetrical. It grows at a steady pace of one meter each year reaching a height of more than 15 meters in 16 years or less. Their height means that you need to trim them regularly so that you do not block sunlight from reaching part of your property. This conifer tree has dense greenery that appears feathery and is soft when touched.

– The Arborvitae

These trees belong to the cypress family and they grow slowly unlike the Leyland Cypress. More specifically, these trees can live for more than three hundred years and attain a height of only 40 feet. They have a pyramidal shape and they produce small cones. These trees have thick foliage that comprises of scale-like leaves. Varieties of arborvitae include the Rheingold, Western Red Cedar, Emerald Green, Globe arborvitae and the North American arborvitae. These coniferous trees can brave cold temperatures making them ideal for places like Philadelphia that often experience freezing temperatures during the year.

Maintaining these trees is easy because they grow so slowly. Only a bit of light top pruning is necessary as maintenance work. Arborvitae …..

The Philadelphia Stock Exchange

The Philadelphia Stock Exchange, which changed its name to NASDAQ OMX PHLX, trades its transactions in US dollars and provides at least 2600 options of equity and sector indexes. Located at 1900 Market Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the stock exchange has been a big game changer for the economy of this city. With the ever advancing technology, the stock exchange functions electronically and it trades with both the electronic trading and floor trading. The available products on this exchange are world currency options, equity options, broad based index options and sector based index options.

The exchange is the 3rd largest options market in America and it has verified being a powerful entity over the history of more than 2 centuries. It has survived throughout by changing names, a number of relocations, merges, as well as stiff competition with the New York Stock Exchange. Unlike the COMEX in the midwest which focuses on commodities like corn, oil and gold and silver bullion bars, the PHLX trades more than 2,600 equities and sector index as well as the US dollar currency options.  It receives support from a number of companies and major investors.


The Philadelphia Stock Exchange launched a funnel program in 2008 with Timber Hill LLC via an electronic trade match feature (ETMF) and an auto-book sweep functionality to provide 240 symbols of options. This ETMF allows the system to match incoming clients automatically and orders by broker dealers together with those orders stored in the professionals’ books. On the other hand, the Automated Sweep Function sweeps the professionals’ books automatically with regard to the movement in the stock market. These 2 features help in improving the workability of transactions in the system. Clients find it faster to execute transactions since most of the work is done with the automated machines.

This new auto book match is an advantage for each provider of order flows with the help of an electronic setup for the trades available. As this works, the turnaround times on the other hand, are eliminated through an immediate, reflex report. The firm quote rules, including the off-floor firm …..

Philadelphia Commerce Guide

Philadelphia is the fifth most-populous city in the United States and a significant business hub. The city’s economy is diverse. The Old City is home to many locally owned businesses in the fashion, design and art sectors. The Philadelphia Stock Exchange has been in operation since 1790 and is the oldest one in America. Philadelphia is the host of several Fortune 500 companies, including CIGNA Insurance, Comcast, Lincoln Financial Group, energy company Sunoco, Crown Holdings Incorporated, pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline and Wyeth, chemical makers Rohm and Haas Company and FMC Corporation, automotive parts retailer Pep Boys, Boeing Rotorcraft Systems, and food services company Aramark. The Urban Outfitters and the University of Pennsylvania are the largest employers in the city. Philadelphia is a large college town, with around 50 higher educational institutions.


The federal’s government presence is also strong, with the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Mint located in the city. Philadelphia is also one of the nation’s centers of law. The Pennsylvania Railroad, now under the name Amtrak, continues to influence Philadelphia’s economy. Finally, many pharmaceutical companies, medical schools, and medical technology companies are located in and around Philadelphia, making the city the nation’s healthcare capital. According to statistic data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Philadelphia area is the seventh largest metropolitan economy in the U.S. with a total gross metropolitan product of $347 billion in the year 2010. The city’s economy has shifted to a service based and an informational technology economy. Among the activities that account for the largest sectors in the metropolitan economy are the education and research and the financial activities


Starting a small business in Philadelphia


The Mayor Nutter organized a task force for the purpose encouraging manufacturers across the Philadelphia region. The government investment can have a great impact on a major industrial city. Philadelphia strives to maintain its presence on the world stage. Investment can bring more industrial activity and more jobs to the city. The transport infrastructure in the city will also be improved and updated.
For people who have an interest in starting their own small business in …..

Famous Philadelphia Buildings

Philadelphia’s famous buildings are a combination of both old and modern architecture. They are varied in style, design and size and so, you can expect to find a wide variety of options to choose from if you are planning to do business in this city. Indeed, there is no doubting the fact that this is one of the cities in the world that offer the best buildings for anyone who wants to start a business. Regardless of what you want to deal in, whether you want to sell goods or services, whether you want to start a big business a big business or just a small one, there is no doubt that you always will find a good place to carry out your operations because of some of the famous buildings in Philadelphia.


Being home to the world’s tallest masonry building, you can only expect that many business opportunities are waiting for you. Indeed, many of the people who have started successful businesses in this city have always pointed out that they did so owing to the fact that they were sure to find the right businesses premises. There is no disputing the fact that in many other cities across the United States and even beyond, it is quite difficult to find a good building from where you can stage your business. Since one of the things that are likely to determine the success of any enterprise is the location, you should be happy to have chosen Philadelphia. What even more is the fact that there is a wide variety to choose from and so, your choice should be determined by the unique things that are related to your own business ant the other things that influence it. There is no doubt that this city has one of America’s most unique skylines.

The most famous buildings in Philadelphia

Here is a list of some of the most famous buildings in this city with regard to business.
The Independence Hall
The independence hall is undoubtedly one of the most important towers in America. It has hosted the most monumental and informative meetings. Being one of …..